Well That’s Pinteresting… {Target Killed Me Edition}

Last week, my friend Robin and I, did a little Christmas decor scouting at Target and I all about died right there in the aisles. The Threshold Collection is ev-ery-thing. It should be called ThresHOLD-the-phone Collection. There were white ceramic animals, glittery everything, and gold and silver up and down the aisles. The prices were affordable, but I wanted it ALL which made it a problem. I know I haven’t even decorated for fall and Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas is just so much more fun to decorate for in my book so I couldn’t help taking a little sneak peek. Looking can’t hurt anything, right?

Here are some of the things that made my heart stop in the middle of the home decor section of Target.

This figurine. How cute would this look arranged on a coffee table tray or on top of a stack of books on my bookshelves?! It would be perfect to keep out all winter long.

Squirrel Figural

This pillow. I love that its Christmasy without snowmen or reindeer prancing across it. I’m hoping to slowly collect enough pillows to swap out all of my regular ones with Christmas themed throw pillows.

Noel pillow

This basket. I’m picturing this next to an accent chair with a white faux fur throw or a cable knit blanket. Perfectly cozy for the chilly weather we’ve been having.

Metal Basket

This stag. I am ob.sessed with deer and reindeer. Weird, right?  They are my absolute favorite animal. I’m not sure why, I just find them so cute! It’s really hard for me not to buy anything and everything that relates to deer. I think this stag would hold me over for a while…

Threshold Stag Head

This tree. The wooden tree feels wintery without being too cutesy. And of course, glitter. Glitter makes everything better.

Glitter Tree

This post is not sponsored by Target, nor does Target know I even exist. They just really know how to do Christmas up right. Where do you shop for holiday decor? Have a great weekend!


Well That’s Pinteresting… {Monogram Madness Edition}

Everything looks better with a monogram on it. So fancy. It just feels right. If I could, I’d put my initials on everything. I love typography and have a few wreaths with R’s on them, the Ampersand below displayed on our built ins, a fabric covered R from Antropologie in our guest room, and plenty of accessories on the bar cart with an R monogrammed on it. It’s a sickness. Lucky for me, Pinterest said “Been there, done that” and is full of monogrammy goodness.


Here are five nontraditional monogrammed items that are killin it.

1. This wreath. The wreath is made out of boxwood. I have four boxwood plants in my front garden that are seriously overgrown. They are out. of. countrol. I could fix up my garden and make a wreath? Now that’s a win.

Boxwood Monogram

2. These napkins. I’m totally feeling these napkins for our annual holiday party. I’m thinking I will stencil the initial of each guest on the napkins and use them as the place settings. So crafty. Want to know what color I’m picturing for the monogram? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with mold. Which I still have in my basement… Stop judging me!

Napkin Monogram

3. These prints. Please ignore the girl randomly draped across the couch. I don’t know her. Whoever she is, I like the monogram action she’s got going on in her house. I love this take on a monogram because it’s…modern. I like the simple lines of the letters and it looks so clean and crisp paired with the simple frames. Nice work, couch girl.

Monogram Print

4. These door knockers. The brassy looking door knockers are such a quirky take on a traditional piece. I wonder if people would actually realize what they are? But really, who needs things to be functional when they could be cute instead? #amiright?

Door knockers

5. This door decoration. I love this fresh take on a wreath. The project looks pretty simple and would be perfect for fall. The fact that I think it would be simple means I can assume it will be mostly impossible. I probably shouldn’t even bother…

Door decoration

What about you? Have you jumped on the Monogram bandwagon? Which wreath do you like better? I really want to try the boxwood monogram but I have this feeling it will end up looking like a first grader’s art project…

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Well That’s Pinteresting {Fancy Bedding Edition}

There’s a special guy in my life. His name’s Sam. He’s the cutest, sweetest, most loving dog and I feel so lucky to have him.

Sam Collage

I don’t, however, feel lucky to have him ruin my bedspread. Sam’s so cute and cuddly at night, he sleeps with us. All 80 pounds of his two-year-old golden retriever self. Can’t say no to that face. I love him. I don’t love that he sometimes gets so excited that he jumps up on the bed and runs around, tearing up our comforter in the process.

Let’s look on the bright side here. That does mean that I need to do a little bedspread shopping so you know what? I’m just going to accept it.

Here’s my Friday Five coming at you from West Elm. I went to their site to find an idea or two, and ended up finding EVERYTHING that I wanted. Thanks, West Elm. You da man.

1. This comforter is decent (that’s what my students say for anything cool). I love it because it’s black and white and geometric. I like that it’s a funkier take on stripes. And also, modern. Modern for the win.

2. This throw pillow. It’s gold. It’s black. It’s silky. Get. On. My. Bed.

3. This throw pillow. It’s so fancy. I’m fancy. It’s a perfect fit. (Can anyone else not say the word “fancy” without saying “Oh you fancy, huh? in their head? Just me? Oh ok…)

4. This throw. Is it tacky? Maybe. Do I care? Absolutely…not. I’m also really feeling that chair. The legs make it feel mid-century modern which is all over the design world.

5. This pillow. I love it. I want it. But mostly I’m just laughing at the $69 price tag. Who pays that much for a pillow?!  And West Elm, Mongolian Lamb? You’re being a little too uppity with your swanky lamb. Most of us don’t have monies for fancy lamb, I’d prefer regular lamb thankyouverymuch.

I don’t actually think I’m going to buy any of these items because even though I love to look at West Elm’s catalogs and their prices are more affordable than Pottery Barn, I just won’t sign that check. I can’t spend over $400 on bedding because I could do so many other projects with that. I can keep this inspiration in mind while I’m shopping at HomeGoods or Marshall’s and find tons of great stuff at way more affordable prices.

Pin any Mongolian Lamb recently? No? Just me? How about some regular lamb? Share in the comments. Have a great weekend!

Well That’s Pinteresting {Classy Brassy Edition}

Have you heard?! Brass is back! Well, it’s been back, but it’s still exciting! I’m really diggin the gold and brass accents in decor. (Can you tell?) Here’s a picture of what one side of my built-in bookshelves (built by my husband, Nate) currently looks like. Luckily for me, not everyone has hopped on the brass bandwagon, so there’s tons of brass beauties at the thrift store! I scored the gold triangle accented frame for 30 cents at Goodwill and the gold cup for 50 cents. Even with all the brassy goodness, the bookshelves are still a work in progress. One thing I want to add is well, uhm, books. 

Brass Accessories

Here are 5 Pinterest pictures that have me itching to spend my monies on ALL THE THINGS! Lamps! Candles! Knick knacks!

1. These bedside lamps. Brass + black anything looks so chic. Great combination with the Urban Outfitters headboard.

Elliot Brass Button Headboard  #headboard #tufted #brass #bedroom

2. These  vintage display boxes. Super cute. They’d look great on a coffee table tray, propped up on a stack of books. I’m sure with a little thrift store hunting these would turn up eventually.

Miniature vintage glass display boxes.....  not quite sure they're "vintage" yet, at only 40 yrs. old.

3. This candle holder. Why don’t I already own this? It’d look great year round, but could be a fun accessory for Christmas and New Years.

Brass Angles Tealight Holder | LEIF

4. This faucet. So bold. I first saw the idea on Hollywood Housewife and I can’t get it out of my head. Get. in. my. kitchen.

5. This pendant light. It’s currently listed at $630 so basically it’s dead to me. I want to figure out a way to DIY this for our kitchen. Our long-term plan is to add an island in the kitchen and I’m picturing two of these babies hanging over top.

Glossy black morrocan tile flooring, rattan chairs, circa pendant light, vintage paned windows, cozy banquette.  Gorgeous!  BHG

Are you feeling the brass? Or do you want it to stay in the past where it belongs? My inner sparkle.glitter.shiny things! heart is all about this trend.

Well That’s Pinteresting {Basement Edition}

If there’s one thing teachers are really good at, it’s coming up with catchy names for things. I knew I wanted to come up with a cutesy title for Friday posts where I feature 5 pictures from Pinterest that inspire me. I might make this a weekly thing, who knows? Side note: apparently my inner dialogue is influenced by my students because in my head I lit.er.al.ly just thought, “I might make this jawn a weekly thing.” Urban dictionary definition for my mom and mother-in-law…


Anyways, teachers are big fans of alliterations. Everything in my classroom has an alliterative title. #ThisishowweDO (If you don’t know that reference go watch this video now.) I was brainstorming names for this post and the first idea I came up with was Pinspiration Priday. So yeah. Teacher fail.

After seeing all the crap potential in my basement yesterday, it’s time for some pretty. Here are some pins that are holding me over through this ugly stage of the basement renovation.

(1) These floors. The herringbone pattern kills me. My pattern-loving heart wants to do this so badly, but I worry that it will go out of style way too fast. Realistically, we’ll go with a much more timeless style. But let’s be honest, being realistic while talking about Pinterest is an oxymoron.

wood like tile in this pattern

(2)This stairwell. I’m a sucker for architectural features. I think every room needs some type of molding on the wall to make it feel a little more high-end.

Atlanta renovation by Soorikian Architecture. wood paneling on stairwell (stained)

(3) This bar. I love the dark colors of this modern bar mixed with a bit of vintage gold. The leucite lamp is amazing.

See more project details for Lane Home by Graciela Rutkowski Interiors including photos, cost and more.

(4) This door. We currently have 5 cheapo closet doors in the basement. I would love to replace one of them with a sliding barn door for some visual interest.

painted barn door. Slides to close bedroom from rest of space. Love.

(5) This trim. I like the way these windows have chunky trim. Makes them feel a little more substantial. I’m planning on doing that to the two small windows in our basement.

Finished Basement Living Room | Photos | HGTV Canada

So that’s my Friday five.  Pin anything lately that’s got you drooling? Share the link in the comments below!