Well That’s Pinteresting {Classy Brassy Edition}

Have you heard?! Brass is back! Well, it’s been back, but it’s still exciting! I’m really diggin the gold and brass accents in decor. (Can you tell?) Here’s a picture of what one side of my built-in bookshelves (built by my husband, Nate) currently looks like. Luckily for me, not everyone has hopped on the brass bandwagon, so there’s tons of brass beauties at the thrift store! I scored the gold triangle accented frame for 30 cents at Goodwill and the gold cup for 50 cents. Even with all the brassy goodness, the bookshelves are still a work in progress. One thing I want to add is well, uhm, books. 

Brass Accessories

Here are 5 Pinterest pictures that have me itching to spend my monies on ALL THE THINGS! Lamps! Candles! Knick knacks!

1. These bedside lamps. Brass + black anything looks so chic. Great combination with the Urban Outfitters headboard.

Elliot Brass Button Headboard  #headboard #tufted #brass #bedroom

2. These  vintage display boxes. Super cute. They’d look great on a coffee table tray, propped up on a stack of books. I’m sure with a little thrift store hunting these would turn up eventually.

Miniature vintage glass display boxes.....  not quite sure they're "vintage" yet, at only 40 yrs. old.

3. This candle holder. Why don’t I already own this? It’d look great year round, but could be a fun accessory for Christmas and New Years.

Brass Angles Tealight Holder | LEIF

4. This faucet. So bold. I first saw the idea on Hollywood Housewife and I can’t get it out of my head. Get. in. my. kitchen.

5. This pendant light. It’s currently listed at $630 so basically it’s dead to me. I want to figure out a way to DIY this for our kitchen. Our long-term plan is to add an island in the kitchen and I’m picturing two of these babies hanging over top.

Glossy black morrocan tile flooring, rattan chairs, circa pendant light, vintage paned windows, cozy banquette.  Gorgeous!  BHG

Are you feeling the brass? Or do you want it to stay in the past where it belongs? My inner sparkle.glitter.shiny things! heart is all about this trend.


6 thoughts on “Well That’s Pinteresting {Classy Brassy Edition}

  1. Chelsea, they make metallic spray paint (as I’m sure you know) so you could buy a cheap/used pendant and spraaaaaaaaay paaaaaaaaint it (like we did in our kitchen.)

  2. And Chelsea I picked up two of those little brass and glass boxes a few years ago at yards sales for practically nothing and still see them in charity shops over here all the time. Be patient – you’ll find them. I love mine with shells in them, but one of them housed a beautiful dried luna moth for a long time! :)

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