Well That’s Pinteresting {Basement Edition}

If there’s one thing teachers are really good at, it’s coming up with catchy names for things. I knew I wanted to come up with a cutesy title for Friday posts where I feature 5 pictures from Pinterest that inspire me. I might make this a weekly thing, who knows? Side note: apparently my inner dialogue is influenced by my students because in my head I lit.er.al.ly just thought, “I might make this jawn a weekly thing.” Urban dictionary definition for my mom and mother-in-law…


Anyways, teachers are big fans of alliterations. Everything in my classroom has an alliterative title. #ThisishowweDO (If you don’t know that reference go watch this video now.) I was brainstorming names for this post and the first idea I came up with was Pinspiration Priday. So yeah. Teacher fail.

After seeing all the crap potential in my basement yesterday, it’s time for some pretty. Here are some pins that are holding me over through this ugly stage of the basement renovation.

(1) These floors. The herringbone pattern kills me. My pattern-loving heart wants to do this so badly, but I worry that it will go out of style way too fast. Realistically, we’ll go with a much more timeless style. But let’s be honest, being realistic while talking about Pinterest is an oxymoron.

wood like tile in this pattern

(2)This stairwell. I’m a sucker for architectural features. I think every room needs some type of molding on the wall to make it feel a little more high-end.

Atlanta renovation by Soorikian Architecture. wood paneling on stairwell (stained)

(3) This bar. I love the dark colors of this modern bar mixed with a bit of vintage gold. The leucite lamp is amazing.

See more project details for Lane Home by Graciela Rutkowski Interiors including photos, cost and more.

(4) This door. We currently have 5 cheapo closet doors in the basement. I would love to replace one of them with a sliding barn door for some visual interest.

painted barn door. Slides to close bedroom from rest of space. Love.

(5) This trim. I like the way these windows have chunky trim. Makes them feel a little more substantial. I’m planning on doing that to the two small windows in our basement.

Finished Basement Living Room | Photos | HGTV Canada

So that’s my Friday five.  Pin anything lately that’s got you drooling? Share the link in the comments below!


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