Well That’s Pinteresting {Fancy Bedding Edition}

There’s a special guy in my life. His name’s Sam. He’s the cutest, sweetest, most loving dog and I feel so lucky to have him.

Sam Collage

I don’t, however, feel lucky to have him ruin my bedspread. Sam’s so cute and cuddly at night, he sleeps with us. All 80 pounds of his two-year-old golden retriever self. Can’t say no to that face. I love him. I don’t love that he sometimes gets so excited that he jumps up on the bed and runs around, tearing up our comforter in the process.

Let’s look on the bright side here. That does mean that I need to do a little bedspread shopping so you know what? I’m just going to accept it.

Here’s my Friday Five coming at you from West Elm. I went to their site to find an idea or two, and ended up finding EVERYTHING that I wanted. Thanks, West Elm. You da man.

1. This comforter is decent (that’s what my students say for anything cool). I love it because it’s black and white and geometric. I like that it’s a funkier take on stripes. And also, modern. Modern for the win.

2. This throw pillow. It’s gold. It’s black. It’s silky. Get. On. My. Bed.

3. This throw pillow. It’s so fancy. I’m fancy. It’s a perfect fit. (Can anyone else not say the word “fancy” without saying “Oh you fancy, huh? in their head? Just me? Oh ok…)

4. This throw. Is it tacky? Maybe. Do I care? Absolutely…not. I’m also really feeling that chair. The legs make it feel mid-century modern which is all over the design world.

5. This pillow. I love it. I want it. But mostly I’m just laughing at the $69 price tag. Who pays that much for a pillow?!  And West Elm, Mongolian Lamb? You’re being a little too uppity with your swanky lamb. Most of us don’t have monies for fancy lamb, I’d prefer regular lamb thankyouverymuch.

I don’t actually think I’m going to buy any of these items because even though I love to look at West Elm’s catalogs and their prices are more affordable than Pottery Barn, I just won’t sign that check. I can’t spend over $400 on bedding because I could do so many other projects with that. I can keep this inspiration in mind while I’m shopping at HomeGoods or Marshall’s and find tons of great stuff at way more affordable prices.

Pin any Mongolian Lamb recently? No? Just me? How about some regular lamb? Share in the comments. Have a great weekend!


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