How To: Faux Picture Frame Molding

Every room needs something to make it stand out. My personal style is all about white, architectural accents– we’ve added chair rail, board and batten, crown molding and built-in book shelves. I just think it’s so classy. What can I say? I’m a classy lady. I’m dreaming of adding picture frame molding in our living room underneath the chair rail. It WILL happen one day. You can take that to the bank.

Our guest bedroom has turned into a hand-me-down room since we’ve moved into our house. It’s filled with leftover’s from our old apartment and didn’t have anything that made it seem awesome. I wanted the guest room to have a hotel-like (not Holiday Inn…) feel to it, but it ended up just feeling blah.  I painted a chevron wall in my craft room so I thought I could easily tackle the faux picture molding finish that is popping up all over Pinterest to spice up the guest room. This is a creative alternative to adding actual molding, and it creates a similar result. This would be great for renters since you could just paint over it when you’re ready to move out.

Just for a good time, here’s the MLS picture of what the guest bedroom looked like before we bought the house. See what I mean?? So basic. I know that’s not my stuff, but still, you get the picture.

guest bedroom

This project took me about 3-4 hours and it was cheapity cheap cheap because the only material I had to purchase was one quart of paint. That’s what I’m talking about!

Painters Tape
Tape Measure (or a coaster and DVD case if you’re measuring challenged)
Angled paint brush, roller, & tray
Small brush for touch ups
Paint color of “molding”
New wall color (I used one quart because I just painted one wall)

*The paint is from Sherwin Williams. I’ve used Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Valspar and SW is by FAR my favorite. The paint is a bit pricier, but if you buy during one of their 30-40% off sales, it’s the same price as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Totally worth it.

My first step was to tape off the pattern of molding I wanted. I taped the rectangles using a DVD case as a measuring tool to make sure the two end rectangles were the same distance from the wall. I HATE measuring things because it’s a waste of time. I never do it right so why bother?! Next, I held a coaster up to all four corners and taped around the coaster to create the indented design. Then, I used an exacto knife to trim the edges of the corners. The frame on the left has the corners trimmed, the frame on the right doesn’t.

Taped Molding

I learned an amazing trick from another blogger about a year ago, but I forget who it was from (sorry!) but it’s too good not to share. To seal the tape, paint over the edges with the base paint color. My sister and her boyfriend painted this room Egg Shell by Behr when we first moved in so I painted over the tape with Egg Shell.  This seals the edge of the tape and prevents the new paint color from bleeding into the tape. I’ve tried smoothing the tape down with a credit card and using the tape roll to press down on the tape and neither have been effective. I’ve also tried both Scotch-Blue and Frog Tape and haven’t found a brand that I love for painting lines, but this trick makes really crisp lines.

Seal tape with paint

Once the paint dried, I rolled one coat of Sherwin Williams “Passive.” I asked the SW employee to recommend a popular gray and she helped me narrow down what type of gray I wanted (blue undertones, green undertones, or no undertones). I wanted a pure gray so this is what I ended up with and I LOVE it!

Guest Bedroom After

After I finished my one and only coat, I let the paint dry for about 30 minutes then I pulled the tape off. I went back and touched up a few spots where the lines weren’t perfect. I hardly had any touch-ups because the lines were pretty much AMAZING. The few spots that did need fixed, I used a small craft paint brush because it allows for more control than a regular brush.

Faux Picture Frame Molding

(DIY’ed silhouette artwork, bedding by Cynthia Rowley for Home Goods, spray painted neon pink lamps, headboard by American Signature Furniture)

Anyone attempt a fun painting technique lately? Or maybe you’ve done a cheap project that’s totally changed the feel of the room? Share in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “How To: Faux Picture Frame Molding

  1. Although I don’t think I’m necessarily the one who gave you the tip, It is my favourite tip to share. It works every time, and if I had to choose I use the green tape. You did a beautiful job and I love how you measured! Classic DIYer, lol!

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