Well That’s Pinteresting… {Monogram Madness Edition}

Everything looks better with a monogram on it. So fancy. It just feels right. If I could, I’d put my initials on everything. I love typography and have a few wreaths with R’s on them, the Ampersand below displayed on our built ins, a fabric covered R from Antropologie in our guest room, and plenty of accessories on the bar cart with an R monogrammed on it. It’s a sickness. Lucky for me, Pinterest said “Been there, done that” and is full of monogrammy goodness.


Here are five nontraditional monogrammed items that are killin it.

1. This wreath. The wreath is made out of boxwood. I have four boxwood plants in my front garden that are seriously overgrown. They are out. of. countrol. I could fix up my garden and make a wreath? Now that’s a win.

Boxwood Monogram

2. These napkins. I’m totally feeling these napkins for our annual holiday party. I’m thinking I will stencil the initial of each guest on the napkins and use them as the place settings. So crafty. Want to know what color I’m picturing for the monogram? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with mold. Which I still have in my basement… Stop judging me!

Napkin Monogram

3. These prints. Please ignore the girl randomly draped across the couch. I don’t know her. Whoever she is, I like the monogram action she’s got going on in her house. I love this take on a monogram because it’s…modern. I like the simple lines of the letters and it looks so clean and crisp paired with the simple frames. Nice work, couch girl.

Monogram Print

4. These door knockers. The brassy looking door knockers are such a quirky take on a traditional piece. I wonder if people would actually realize what they are? But really, who needs things to be functional when they could be cute instead? #amiright?

Door knockers

5. This door decoration. I love this fresh take on a wreath. The project looks pretty simple and would be perfect for fall. The fact that I think it would be simple means I can assume it will be mostly impossible. I probably shouldn’t even bother…

Door decoration

What about you? Have you jumped on the Monogram bandwagon? Which wreath do you like better? I really want to try the boxwood monogram but I have this feeling it will end up looking like a first grader’s art project…

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4 thoughts on “Well That’s Pinteresting… {Monogram Madness Edition}

  1. You should do the boxwood one if you have so much extra! BTW, I recovered a pillow I didn’t love anymore with a light aqua fabric, and then stenciled an “S” on it with fabric paint, so there’s my two cents.

  2. I love letters as well. I got a cheap plastic C in some place like Target. Painted it red and then gold leafed it all (has only tiny, tiny bits of red showing) and I love my 4 inch capital E (black and metal) that I got at a flea market. I just lay it on my bookcase beside my bed! :)

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