THE List

Sometimes, I  walk around my house and count all of the projects I’ve done. Can’t help it, I just like to. About 6 months ago, I saw Young House Love post an update of their house project list and I thought that would be a much better way to keep track than the constant walking and counting. Plus, I think Nate gets bored of listening to me pat myself on the back. So without further ado; THE List:

Front of House:
Painted shutters black
Painted front door black then blue, Removed old door knocker
Painted the inside of the garage door black
Changed all 3 porch lights
Painted garage doors white
Painted mailbox and lamp post
Edged gardens
Add permanent edge to garden
Remove old plants
Seal driveway
Repair cement walkway
Fix lamp post so it works

Back Yard:
Move deck entrance to the center
Replace warped boards in deck
New deck furniture
Replace fence with a white fence
Fix warped siding
Fix chipped siding
Build pergola
Add molding around french door
Paint french door

Living Room:
Added chair rail
Added crown molding
Painted white and tan
Installed floating shelves
Installed new curtain rods
Purchases: Rug, Couch, Lamp, Pillows, Accessories (+ used old furniture)
Repaired scratched window trim
Refurbished free bar cart
Install picture frame molding

Dining Room:
Painted navy
Installed board and batten and painted white
Installed crown molding
Bought and installed new chandelier
DIY’ed vases for centerpiece
Put up new curtain rod and curtains
Installed new carpet
Purchases: New table and chairs, art work for above board and batten
Repaired scratched window trim
Added molding around entrance ways

Stairwell/Entry Way:
New carpet
Painted railing spindles white
Painted tan
New entry way light
New hallway light
Scrap book paper frame collage
Painted back of front door white
Painted yellow frame on wall and hung artwork
Install chair rail
Install picture frame molding
Install crown molding
Stain stairway railing dark walnut

Family Room:
Painted walls tan
Hung gallery wall 
Put up new curtain rods and curtains
Hung chandelier
Purchases: 2 new side chairs, 3 end tables, new table lamp (+old furniture
Cleaned carpets
Built wall to wall built in shelving
Add shelves and doors to bottom part of built ins
Mount TV
New mirror
Replace closet doors

Installed new pendant light
Changed out lighting kit on fan
Painted ceiling
Painted kitchen blue then black
Removed doors from the pantry, painted blue then black, changed into display area
Painted cabinets white
Added handles to cabinet
Changed blinds from oak to white
Made and installed gray then white window valences
Installed new fridge and dish washer
Purchases: Microwave
Coated countertops black
Painted backsplash white
Spray painted hood vent
Install French door
Add molding around French door
Fix broken wood under kitchen sink cabinet (help from Father in Law)
Built custom banquette
New quartz or granite countertops
Tile backsplash
New stove and hood
New tile floor
New table
Replace fan with lighted pot rack
Build/buy island

Guest Bedroom:
Painted door white
Spray paint picture frames
Hung new curtain road (+ old curtains)
Hung new Home Goods graphic art
New bedding + pillows
(Old furniture-end tables, bed, lamps, bookshelf, accessories)
Replace closet doors

Guest Bathroom:
Painted walls blue
Painted cabinets white
Painted door white
Installed brushed nickel handles
Changed faucet
Installed new decorative mirror
Moved lighting fixture to be centered above the sink
Painted wicker basket white and blue
Purchases: Shower curtain, rugs, patterned towels, towel holder
Replaced bath tub drain
Tile floors

Installed laminate flooring
Painted door white
Shoe moulding (+caulk and paint)
Painted white and brown
Craigslisted desk
New white desk chair
New lamp
New office accessories
Thrift store frame gallery
Transition strip for flooring into hallway
Replace old chair rail
Replace fan

Master Bedroom:
Painted gray
Painted door white
Painted door frame yellow
Installed crown molding
Made & stained wooden headboard
Made artwork above headboard
Painted oversized picture frame yellow + hung candle holder
Free wine crate for storage
New carpet
Made industrial curtain rods using piping
Made burlap curtains
Hung apple crates to use as shelving
New bedding + pillows
Purchases: End tables, lamps, king size bed, vases (used old dressers + TV)
Buy or build mirror
New dressers

Master bathroom/Vanity Area:
Painted and reupholstered thrift store chair
Purchased and hung new mirror
Painted cabinets white
Repainted ceiling
Installed pendant chandelier
Painted gray
Hung new bathroom mirror
Hung Sammy artwork above towel rack
Installed new lighting
Installed new toilet paper holder, faucet, towel bar, 3 towel hooks,  and hand towel holder
Purchases: New towels, rugs, monogrammed hand towel, shower curtain

Half Bathroom:
Removed/replaced toilet
Painted bathroom blue
Finished tiling + base board
Removed vanity + installed new vanity
New faucet
Installed modern lighting
Hung new mirror + art work
Installed hand towel holder and toilet paper holder
Tile floors

Laundry Room:
New washer and dryer
Added hanging cabinets and hardware
New art work
New rug
New hanging pendant lamp
Hung ceiling medallion around lighting
Pained ceiling
Painted the door black and blue from the garage side
Add countertops of washer/dryer
Tile backsplash
Tile floors
Hang organizational system

Whole House:
Replaced light switch plates and outlets
Oil rub bronze spray paint on all door handles
New sump pump (hired out)
Fix electrical wiring in basement (hired out)
Fix loose toilet in guest bathroom (hired out)
Laminate flooring in the whole house

Basement Office:
Painted gray
Painted door and molding white
Painted white chevron wall
Painted white found mirror + hung
Painted and stenciled R and hung with ribbon over mirror
Furniture: Old desk  + thrifted buffet for storage
Turn it into a guest bedroom

Ripped up baseboard
Remove carpet
Waterproof basement
Get rid of mold
Clean floors to prepare for tile
Seal floors
Level floor
Tile floors
Install new baseboard
Install chair rail
Board and batten down stairway
New stair railing
Remove carpet on stairs
Paint stairs or replace treads
Paint closet doors
Replace window trim with chunky trim
Add a column around pole
Add track lighting
New drop ceiling
Get rid of florescent lighting
Find a way to hide sump pump & dehumidifier

Put up drywall
Add organizational system and shelving
Seal floor


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