Finished the Basement!

I kid, I kid.

When we went to the first showing of our house, we were surprised it has a basement because the owners didn’t include anything about it in the MLS listing. Ummm, first clue. The basement is/was “finished.” As in, let’s do theleastamountpossibleandcallthisdone finished. It had indoor/outdoor carpet, unpainted trim and baseboard,  a drop ceiling, and crappy bifold closet doors.

On top of all those luxurious finishes, our 25-year-old had home some other issues. Some are taken care of, others are well, not. In a couple spots, there are some water marks on the wall. This one is right by our water heater, so we’re thinking that was the cause. The water heater is basically brand new so we’re not concerned about it.

Water Mark

Another area has water stains on the drop ceiling tiles right under wear the half bathroom is. We’ve replaced our old washer, dryer, toilet, and sink so we aren’t worried about that at the moment either. We also have mold. We knew we had mold. We just didn’t know we had this much mold. Surprise!


Our basement can sometimes feel damp in spots, but we’ve never had any flooding. We’ve lived here during a hurricane and didn’t take on any water so that’s a good sign. We think we have some water seeping in near the windows though. Nate called a basement finisher/waterproof expert/mold guy. Which we need all three of. How convenient. He’s coming out on Friday morning to give us an estimate and some tips on refinishing our basement. In my head, the conversation is going to go like this:

Nate: So, how much is this going to cost us?

Basement finisher/waterproof expert/mold guy: *Says something that costs way too much money*


Oh well, it has to happen. This basement project is going to happen super slowly. The only reason I started working on the basement this past weekend was because everything that I did was free. We’re hoping this will take us between 6 months to a year, which in DIY time probably means 2-3 years. I ripped up the carpet and now this is what we’re working with;

Basement no carpet

Rollerblading, anyone?


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