You’ve Got Mail

I hate checking the mail. I’m always waiting for some surprise bill to arrive that I didn’t know about. I almost expect to open a letter one day to see that something like: “Surprise! Your mortgage has magically doubled. Good luck with that!” I don’t know about you, but this home owner thing is expensive. Bills come out of the woodwork man! If I have to check the mail and get letters that say I have to pay you money for picking up my trash and all the other stuff that is zero fun to pay for, then I might as well have a cute mailbox. Know what I’m sayin’?

Here’s what I started with:

Mailbox before

I began by wiping down the mailbox and lamp-post with a wet rag. I removed the old house numbers because they were peeling off. They were pretty stuck on there so I need a flathead screw driver to pry them off. The numbers left a sticky residue so I scrubbed it off with water.  I lightly sanded the lamp-post, but only a little. I have no patience when it comes to sanding and usually do a really crappy job on it. Hey, we all have our faults… Then, I removed the actual mailbox. All I had to do was remove the four screws attaching the box to the post and it came right off. Next, I used black Valspar indoor/outdoor spray paint on the mailbox post and the lamp-post. To keep the glass clean on the lamp, I used Scotch Blue tape to cover each pane. Yes, I love brass, but this looked too outdated so it had to go.

To spray paint the mailbox, I taped the flag using painters tape. I then covered the mailbox with three coats of gold Rust-Oleum spray paint. It’s what I had in my collection so that’s what I used.

The flag needed some lovin too. To protect my new shiny gold mailbox, I slid a trash bag over the entire thing. I then cut a small hole in the bag near the flag and pulled the flag through. I taped the hole shut around the base of the flag. From there, I sprayed the flag with two coats of red spray paint. *I tried blue first, but it was too much. I only needed a bit of paint so I bought a Krylon Short Cuts Red Pepper spray paint from Michael’s.

Malbox after blue

I wanted to accessorize my mailbox because like I said in this post, I’m a fancy girl and apparently, a gold mailbox just isn’t enough so I bought stencils from Michael’s. I taped the R stencil (similar) on to the mailbox and used black craft smart paint, also from Michael’s to paint the R monogram.  I wish I would have outlined the letter in sharpie and then filled in the rest of the letter with my paint brush. Relying on the stencil for clean lines didn’t work out too hot.

Mailbox monogramBonus Point: Can you spot Nate?

To finish this baby off, I bought some gold house numbers (shocker) from Lowe’s. The number’s came with the screws and it took Nate only a few minutes with the drill to attach them. For the record, I am perfectly capable of using all of our power tools. I am not perfectly capable of measuring and all the things involving spacial awareness, which is why Nate often gets called in for jobs like making sure numbers are hung correctly. Hey, know your strengths.

mailbox with numbers

I know this is not a normal mailbox, you don’t have to tell me that. Even I laugh a little when I tell people we’re the house with the gold mailbox. The bottom line is, that shiny guy makes me smile every time I see it so that’s what matters. Have you ever made any design choices that make other people do a double take but it makes you smile whenever you think about it? Confession: most of my guilty pleasure design choices involve sparkles. I’ve loved glitter since the sixth grade and there’s no turning back now. What about you?

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5 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. I love it!

    I thought my mail man was being persnickety when he told me that mail box flags are supposed to be red–after all, mailboxes are sold with different colored flags, and mine had actually come with a black flag…but then I spray painted my mailbox black…

    But it turns out there are actually some regulations regarding mailbox flags ( )…and color is one of them. Black is okay, red is okay, orange is okay…

    Blue is not. So I guess it is good that you didn’t like it when it was blue. ;-)

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