Project Therapy

I have this problem. It’s called I have to do something crafty every week. Somehow my car ends up at Homegood’s/Michael’s/Goodwill/yardsales/thesideoftheroadlookingforjunk trying to find something to do. I get antsy when I’m not being creative. I have a somewhat stressful job- shoutout to my friends from southwest Philly! and I’ve found that having a hobby just for me has been really helpful in not letting myself get lost in the sauce that is urban education. Sometimes my friends say I’m crazy for the amount of projects I take on, but imagine how crazy I’d be if I didn’t do these project? Think about that for a second.

Everyone and their mother’s seems to pin pictures of Prego and pickle jars turned stylish. Naturally, I had to do it. I googled a tutorial for how to reuse my Bath & Body Works candle (love those guys). I boiled about an inch of water in a pan and then held the candle in the pan of water for 30 seconds tops. Seriously, don’t do it longer than that or it gets all melty. Use a butter knife to slice all the way across the warmed candle. Pop that bad boy outta there. From there, use Goo Gone to remove any leftover wax. I finished this project off with two coats of gold spray paint and called it a day.

Candle Tip Jar

Tip Jar

Total cost of this project: FREE! I already had the spray paint and old candle jar. From start to finish, including drying time, this project took about an hour.

Another cheap project was upgrading an Ikea Byholma basket that I picked up for $7.99. I already had a few bottles of craft smart paint from Michael’s. I parked myself in front of the TV and mindlessly painted a few rows on the basket. Sometimes that’s the best kind of project. I didn’t tape anything off because I figured I wouldn’t be able to get perfect lines anyways. Go with the flow.

Ikea Byholma

For less than an hour of work, I ended up with a customized basket that coordinates with the guest bathroom colors. I store extra towels for guests in this bathroom. Whenever we run out of clean towels, Nate always steals this one. I try to explain that this isn’t an actual towel for using, it’s a decorative towel. Either he doesn’t understand our towel situation or he is 100% not interested in my crazy.

Painted basket

Bathroom crafts

Anyone else working on some small crafts or projects just to make yourself happy? Or maybe you do other things like eat Froyo. Don’t worry, I won’t judge because maybe I do that too. What’s your stress reliever? Share in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Project Therapy

  1. I’m totes the same way. I am obsessed with recovering pillows right now and have recovered and then decorated/stenciled three recently and have one waiting for a free night!

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