Make it Werk

When we first moved in, there were so many projects I had to get done immediately. Not because I was excited, but because I was embarrassed. It seems stupid to be embarrassed by someone else’s design choice, but I was. I thought if I didn’t get rid of it right away, people would think I liked it and would judge my style by it. One of those ugly moments was the “pantry” in the kitchen.

Apparently the kitchen didn’t have a pantry so the previous owners went rogue and DIY’d one. I’m all about the DIY life, but only if you are willing to put in the time and effort into making it look professional. The old homeowners didn’t seem to do either. They added in a pantry that was about four inches deep, threw in sliding closet doors, slapped up some molding on the top only, and allowed their dog to go crazy scratching up the walls. This closet was one soup can deep. Why? WHY?! I wanted to permanently close that stupid pantry and forget it ever existed.

Eating AreaDumbest. pantry. ever.

The first week we removed the closet doors and put them in the garage until we could figure out a plan. My mom patched up the scratch marks with spackle and painted the shelves white. Instead of storing a few food items on the shelf, I decided to embrace the ugly and just make it work. Or werk, as Brittany Spears would say.

Turns out, I actually LOVE the seemingly odd pantry now. I think it provides the kitchen with character and seems like a built-in. You know I’m a sucker for an architectural feature.  It’s going to be perfect for adding a seasonal touch to the kitchen this fall and winter. I don’t really use it for anything useful other than looking good. I styled it simply by repeating items and colors. It’s  no surprise that I’m continuing on the black and white theme with pops of gold into the kitchen. It’s kind of my thing.

Open shelving sideGold spray painted mason jars from Michael’s.

Open shelving with curtains
Triangle stamped curtains inspired by Vintage Revivals. I used a magic eraser in the same Valspar paint as I used on the wall. I didn’t measure the triangles, but just eyed up the spacing for each row. I stamped each row varying the heights for a more laid back look.

Open Shelving

Shelves + curtains
I took these pictures pre- banquette.

Have you ever thought you hated something about your house but it turned out just fine? And you worried what other people would think when in reality, it only matters what you think? Share in the comments!

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