Vases Need Sweaters, Too!

I saw the cutest idea at the blog An Extraordinary Day about how to dress up a boring vase with a sweater. This project just feels like fall.

Sweater Vase collageSupplies:
Hurricane Vases
Adhesive (I used caulk adhesive because that’s what I had on hand)

When I was at the thrift store, I slipped the vase inside of the sleeve of the sweater just to make sure it fit. Cut the sleeve off of the sweater to the correct length. Leave a little extra so you can cover the edge and adhere it to the vase. Annnnd that’s it. Easiest project ever!  I was able to cover 3 vases with one sweater. Thanks Diane for the great idea! I threw some silk flowers from Joann’s inside that I bought for 75% off a few months ago. The plant is from Ikea. They sell them for $2. Since I already had the glue, flowers, and one of the vases on hand, the project totaled $5 and I’m obsessed! What else can I put a sweater on?!

Sweater Vases

Vases with Instagram photos

Sweater Vases + Homegoods Dresser

Vases(The dresser is from Home Goods and I use it to store our linens)

The Instagram collage above was also a simple project. I bought a poster-sized frame from TJ Maxx on clearance for $10. I used the backing that came with the frame to use as a background for my pictures. The app Postal Pix allows you to order your Instagram photos right from your phone and they send them to you. The 4 x 4 photos cost between 29-33 cents per photo. The photos arrived within a week. From there, I laid out the photos and shuffled them around until I liked the set up. I didn’t measure because I’m the worst at measuring. True story. I loved the app because I never print pictures anymore since everything is online or on my phone. Problem solved!

Instagram Collage

Anybody doing anything crafty lately? Or have you done anything creative with your iPhone photos? Share in the comments!


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