How To: Halloween Table Setting

Growing up, I never loved the idea of Halloween. My parents enforced rules about what we dressed up as and my mom, being her thrifty self, insisted on putting our costumes together. No store-bought costumes for this family. Each year, I was some version of a gymnast, cheerleader, or princess and I always just felt so awkward and embarrassed. Dressing up just isn’t my jam. On top of that, I don’t do scary. I think the scariest movie I’ve seen is Titanic and that’s not even technically a scary movie and I was too scared to even finish it. I’m still not Halloween crazy, but I figured I’d try my hand at creating a Halloweeny table setting. Using only things I found around the house, I ended up with this:

Halloween Table Decor 5

Halloween Table Decor 7

Halloween Table Decor 6

I find it hilarious that I had every. single. one of these items and didn’t spend a dime because I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to find anything. I laid out the tulle and cut a little longer than the length of the table. Twisting the tulle helped give it volume. I started by placing the center silver candle stick and worked my way out. I switched out pieces until I had varying heights and a mix of black and white. One thing I’m currently loving is mixing metal finishes. That was such a design faux pas, but it’s definitely in style to decorate with both silver and brass/gold. My favorite thing on the table? The gold-rimmed water glasses that I scored for 50 cents from the thrift store! It’s the little things.

Halloween Table Decor 9

Halloween Table Decor 11

Halloween Table Decor 12

Halloween Table Decor

Halloween Table Decor 8

How do you decorate for fall and Halloween?

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{Source list}
Michael’s- chargers, striped straws, polka dot flowers, black tulle
Home Goods- sparkly hands & pumpkin, white candles & skull candle
Kohl’s- silver candle sticks
Goodwill & local thrift stores- gold-rimmed glasses, black candle sticks & spray painted silver vase
Joann’s- white flowers

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7 thoughts on “How To: Halloween Table Setting

  1. I Chelsea. Found your blog through your mother-in-law’s comment on FB. Don’t know if you remember me; I was Pastor Bob’s secretary in Chicopee. Anyway, LOVE your blog — you are both a talented designer and DIYer and a talented writer!

  2. Looks classy in a creepy way. LOL Can I also just say I found it funny that someone who doesn’t like Halloween or scary stuff just happened to have a skeleton hand lying around? Was it Nate’s? Haha, love ya.

    • Hahaha your mom said the same thing! Our first year at the apartment I bought like 3 things for Halloween from Home Goods. I couldn’t help it– they were covered in glitter! They were in our storage room and I totally forgot I had them!

  3. Buying costumes at the store was too easy! It took more creativity to find them at the thrift shop or around the house! Who knew I was teaching a future decorating technique! It is so much more satisfying when you do it for almost free!

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